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Universal Concrete Products brings a fresh look to Drexel University’s Campus

Thursday, April 10, 2014
Universal Concrete Products brings a fresh look to Drexel University’s Campus Universal Concrete Products has played an integral role in the evolving beauty of the Philadelphia skyline over the past 45 years. A few recent projects have been at Drexel University at Chestnut Square and the Lebow School of Business, with a third project underway at Lancaster Square. Assisting the design teams on these projects from the beginning has been the key to their success.

Chestnut Square Housing, is a great example of architectural precast concrete wall panels. Universal Concrete worked with Hunter Roberts and the design team from conception through construction to assist in panelization and finishes. This project consisted of a 19-story tower and two 8-story low rise student housing buildings utilizing 710 precast panels totaling 141,180 square feet along with various sandblast textures and brick insets.

Universal Concrete also assisted with budget pricing and panelization schemes at the Lebow School of Business at Drexel University. This project consisted of 68,000 square feet of limestone-clad panels. Universal purchased Indiana limestone, placed up to 50 pieces of stone per panel in a form and poured concrete to create 420 precast panels. Universal Concrete is now in the process of producing panels for the newest project at Drexel University, Lancaster Square. This project will be a 24-story residential building that will consist of brick clad panels with a sandblast finish.

Precast concrete provides a variety of savings to a project in ways that are not always considered when looking at upfront costing versus other building materials. Some savings includes speed of design, fabrication, erection and finishing processes. They provide construction efficiency because they can be produced in a controlled work environment without having the effects  of  inclement  weather. The  flexibility of design offers inherent aesthetic qualities, as well as the ability to mimic the appearance of material such as granite, marble, limestone, sandstone or slate. Precast concrete’s energy efficiency and durability reduce future building and maintenance costs as well as long-term environmental costs.

Universal Concrete  Products,  a  family-owned  business, is a leading manufacturer of architectural and specialty structural precast concrete products located in Stowe, PA. The company has contributed greatly to the Philadelphia Construction market for the past 45 years and looks forward to being a part of many more projects in the future.